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"Business Consulting, Tackling the Mid List, and Software System Solutions for Industrial Distribution Sales and Service Organizations."


Business Consulting: What does it mean for you?

By definition, business consulting is a service to improve performance, primarily through an analysis of existing organizational structure and processes, followed by the development of plans for improvement. For this service to be effective, we believe it must be personal and in-touch with the team it serves.

A good consultant is not defined in the board room or conference room, but rather in the trenches. At Admin Resource and Services, Inc., we believe it is required to "plug in" to an organization wherever necessary to get the job done. We don't just analyze, develop a plan, and leave; we become part of your team as we look at the process flow and organizational structure, we plan for improvement with your team, and we do what is necessary for your success... sometimes, that means getting in the trenches, working in the shop or in the field, and getting a little dirty to provide a solution.

More Than Just Consulting; We Tackle the Mid List!

In the beginning there was consulting, but that is just how we start.

Our approach is to do as much or as little as you require. We are not interested in bad money; we do not inflate our invoices with bloated hours or bill for unneeded tasks. We work directly with you to determine our priorities and what best benefits your business. While we may look at the entire organizational structure and all encompassing factors, we may also look at only one aspect, such as inventory management or time keeping.

Apart from our consulting and improvement plans, we can also tackle the "Mid List". These would be those pressing items on your priority list that seem to remain in the fourth, fifth, and sixth positions, never getting addressed due to higher priorities. If you do not find your mid list priority on our services tab, please ask us if your priority is something we can effectively complete for you.

We Also Provide Enterprise Class Software Solutions!

Whether a two person store front or a multi-national company, we have a robust, scalable solution for you.

We are registered resellers for multiple software providers and support numerous platforms and applications. We also design and develop our own software applications for customized solutions. To meet or exceed our customer's expectations, we do the research and find the right applications for our customers, or we design and develop them ourselves. Our solutions are designed to be scalable and adaptable across small and large organizations, compliant with local or cloud processing, with data archives or storage at the local or remote levels.

In 2016, we will be unveiling our flagship software solution, the "S-Tracker System". We are currently working with customers to complete our alpha and beta site testing. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the S-Tracker System.

As solution providers, we carry our consulting and mid-list task responsibilities throughout the integration process. We will do as much or as little as you require, but our goal is not to put more tasks on your priority list. We provide personalized consulting and training for the integration of each of our software system solutions, whether that means being on-site and face-to-face, remote review and training online, or providing access to our growing video training library, our goal is to be the complete solutions provider for your organization.

From start to finish, let us help you with your software solution.

About Our Company

Our corporate office is located in the historic district of Elmore, Oh.

With our corporate office located in Elmore, Ohio, our team works at this location, as well as remotely from various parts of the globe. Our team is comprised of direct employees, sub-contractors, trusted software suppliers, and hardware vendors coordinating together with the common goal to exceed our customer's expectations. We believe that in taking care of our customers, our customers will take care of us.


The company was founded by Glenn Sasscer in January of 2014 when his former employer lost sight of the value of customer service and then "sold-out" to a competitor with a lower standard for customer service. With due diligence and customer backing, Glenn accepted temporary contract assignments with three customers for a short period of time to determine the potential for continuing in business. Glenn expressed the desire to exceed customer's expectations and strive to provide customers with a solution rather than just answers. His customers responded favorably.

By the end of the three months, the three customer list had doubled as former customers sought support, training, and consulting services. By the end of six months, the customer list had doubled again as customers recognized the value of working with a solutions provider.

Building the Team

Building the team was and is an effort of matching members with similar motivations toward providing customer service and exceeding the customer's expectations. Marrying diverse backgrounds with a common focus brings together a leading support team second to none in the industry or market.

With the philosophy that each member of the team has the freedom to respond to the customer's requests and immediately act upon them in the best interest of the customer supports the goals established by Glenn for exceeding customer's expectations in service. With each team member responding in the role for sales, customer support, and service, every member of the team is focused on the customer's success and providing a solution. By matching talents and skills, where one team member may be weak another is strong and the team operates as a single unit.

Company, Team, and Personal Integrity

Glenn believes integrity cannot be purchased nor sold; it is the one element in a business which is easy to lose and impossible to regain. Glenn believes his personal integrity, his team's integrity, and his company's integrity is measured against every transaction, whether the value of the transaction is a penny or over six figures.

Integrity matters.

For this reason, we measure every task to the value it brings to our customers; we believe it is better to take a loss on an invoice than receive bad money. We are not perfect and while it does not happen often, we will not bill a customer to correct our own mistakes. Additionally, we will credit a customer if we believe our mistake has caused them undue hardship or loss.

We believe in earning the trust and respect of our customers. We believe in bringing value to our customers and earning every penny shown on our invoices. We believe bad money is like a curse against a business, like a cancer to be avoided at all costs... and we mean, at all costs.

"A person is only as good as their word; a team is only as good as the persons on the team; and a company is only as good as the team behind it." - Glenn Sasscer

This is not a slogan, an ad campaign, or a marketing gimmick. This is our standard of practice, the way we do business.

We are Admin Resource and Services, Inc.

Customer Inspired Services

As a true solutions provider, our customers define our services.

If we truly set out to tackle your mid list priorities, then we must allow you to define the services we provide. Let us know if you do not find a service you require on our list below; we will be glad to discuss methods to provide a solution, even if it means recommending a competitor.


Meeting the requests of our customers

In June of 2014, our company was strictly a consulting and administrative services provider, supporting and customizing one software system. Our customers had other plans.

During an end of June meeting with Glenn, a customer shared how he had discussed with a few other customers (customers have a way of talking amongst themselves) the limited software solutions available in their current market. Glenn was encouraged to explore options available to answer a very critical need and invest his industry experience in developing a software solution.

By the beginning of 2015, our company established reseller partner agreements for multiple software solutions and had the initial design concepts for a new software solution called "S-Tracker". The S-Tracker System has become a vital part of our short and long term goals in being a solutions provider for our customers.

This is just one example of how our customers have defined our services and our business.

  • Consulting services. There is a long list of tasks several webpages long, so let's just summarize it with this: We look at your current status, recommend improvements, and prepare a plan to get you there. We can be part of that plan or just manage the completion. You determine how much or how little we do. Call us to discuss more!
  • System and business analysis. We look at service shop management and methods, inventory management and replenishment processing, sales processing, and the entire accounting process. We look for holes, bottlenecks, and problems with an eye for separation of duties, risk management, and organization. Our goal is less processing time, less keystrokes, and less mouse clicks!
  • Cloud processing, automated remote data back-up, and your basic data vault services. Whether you process on the cloud or back it up to the cloud, we give the cloud the foundation you need to know your data is safe, secure, and available.
  • Website design, process integration, and hosting. Is this just another task on your priority list? Don't like your current design? Not getting enough out of it? Let us take a look and see how we can integrate your web presence with your sales. Make that website work for you!
  • Organizational analysis. We hone in on your organizational chart, chain-of-command, and direct report determination. Separation of tasks or duties and responsibilities is paramount in a growing company.
  • Data, paperwork, and information flow analysis. We look at what you record, why you record it, and where it goes. We look for better ways to improve consistency and accuracy in information.
  • Basic process flow, corrections, and updates. We can't say it enough... less processing time, less keystrokes, and less mouse clicks while improving consistency and accuracy.
  • Data conversion, integrity validation, verifications, reconciliation, recovery, and archives. It's all about data! Is it good? Can it be better? Is it consistent? Is it accurate? Where is it? And, is it safe?
  • Systems solution provider, Including system support, problem resolution, modifications, and program development. What's in your system's toolbox? Can we replace or improve on the software tools you use and how you use them? Let's get that system working for you!
  • Automated forms, internal, external, and online. Why re-enter information already in the system? Let's get that system working for you and generating your forms!
  • Business acquisition. You want to buy another service center or location? You want to sell one of your locations? Putting that out there can drastically influence your value and market. Let's keep it confidential... give us a call and we will represent your interest.
  • Employee recruiting, telephone interviews, background checks, recommendations, evaluations, and training. Yes, we can effectively do this remotely and save you the headache!
  • Emergency employee task completion for unexpected vacancies. That is... missing someone for a couple of weeks? We can place someone on-site or complete their system tasks remotely to help you for the short-term.
  • Building layout design, redesign, and office coordination. We have seen over 400 different building and office layouts, designs, and process flows. We have seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. We know what works and what does not work. If you are moving, growing, and just want another set of eyes on your building layout, let us take a look. We can give you recommendations with ROI justifications.
Software Systems Solutions

More than just software, more than just hardware, more than just systems... A solid solution!

We started 2014 supporting one software system, the Master System. SInce the end-users purchasing this system "own" the code, any programmer or company can support it, modify it, or enhance it. Yet the long range future looked weak for this singular system and our customers were concerned. They wanted a better solution.

Options were researched and analyzed.

Customers were interviewed regarding what they want to see in a software system solution.

We listened.

We are excited to present the S-Tracker System.


The S-Tracker System

We recently changed the working title for our product to the S-Tracker System! This represents more emphasis on what is important to our diverse group of customers. For some customers, it is all about their service... so the "S" represents tracking their Services. For other customers, it is all about their Sales... so the "S" represents tracking their Sales. And, still other customers focus on the bottom line... so the "S" gets a line drawn through it to represent tracking their $ dollars! The S-Tracker System... tracking what is important for our customers!

We are still putting the polish on the system to give it that showroom shine, but we are so... oh so... close to rocking the market with this amazing new system!

The S-Tracker System is the only system in the U.S. and Canadian markets to address the management of job service shops or field service from the service manager's desk, with capacity planning, employee and resource management scheduling, accurate-to-the-resource costing methods, and a full spectrum of reporting and analysis tools. Inclusive with these service level features, the system will still address executive and mid-level team management and reporting for services and product sales.

And, the Bit-Cube modeling reports will bring your analytical data to a new level beyond anything comparable on the market. Check out our recent promotion for the Bit Cube option integrated the the Add-On based Master System at this LINK.

It's like taking what you are using now and putting it on steroids for your business!

The Master System

We still support, modify, enhance, train, and consult on the Master System. We are not Including a picture here; if you use it, you know what it looks like.


AddOn Software

We are resellers of the AddOn Software EDP System. We fully support, modify, enhance, and train on this system. This is currently one of our software solutions.


Goldmine CRM Software

We are resellers of the Goldmine CRM Software System. This is currently one of our software solutions.

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